About Us

Behind the Name

Established in 2016, Elemental Distillers is the brainchild of Ben Leggett, a New Zealand born freelance drinks writer (Drinking Cup) and international spirits ambassador with a passion for the unique and boutique.

After 13 years working in the UK and EU drinks industry representing luxury spirit brands from cognac to scotch to gin, Ben launched his own brand of cocktail bitters in the UK to great success.

Now back in his home country and inspired by the global craft spirits boom, Ben aims to open Marlborough's first dedicated craft distillery and help establish a global reputation for New Zealand spirits built on naturally grown, local ingredients.




Located in New Zealand's beautiful Marlborough, a district well-known for lush vineyards and vast coastal waterways. Elemental Distillers creates handmade, boutique spirits and liqueurs in reflection of the district's natural environment by incorporating locally sourced ingredients, natural processes and a generous helping of creativity.



Designed with cocktails in mind, Elemental Bitters is a range of three aromatic bitter essences built to enhance three styles of cocktail; 'the mature digestif', 'the citrus refresher' and 'the rich berry'. Each blend delivers two perfectly paired primary ingredients, enhanced by complimenting botanicals. All ingredients are macerated into a neutral base spirit sustainably produced from the bi-product of our national cheese industry.

Elemental Bitters are made entirely by hand in batches of no more than 250 bottles each.
100% natural ingredients. 100% New Zealand.

Our Goal

To produce internationally recognised premium spirits and liqueurs in small batches, from the finest of homegrown ingredients.

To achieve this we work closely with independent farmers and cooperatives to ensure we get the finest quality ingredients from those who know and grow them best.

What's Next?

Vermouth, amaro, liqueurs and a shed load of gin. In homage to our nations booming wine industry, Elemental Distillers will deliver premium, boutique products built on a base of locally grown Marlborough grape stock.

And this is just the beginning, so be sure to follow us online and be part of an exciting (and tasty) new journey.